Cavity Coatings

Premium Cavity Coatings

Our Cavity Coatings are designed to protect ALL known metals and have been proven to stop corrosion from the inside out and and gets right to the source. Stop corrosion before it destroys your valuables with Cavity Coatings.

  • Non-Toxic

  • Eco Friendly

  • Non-Hazardous

  • NO Solvents

  • NO Petroleum

  • NO Mineral Spirits

  • NO Alcohol

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we don't just fix corrosion, we stop it at the source

Our competitors might see corrosion and fix the spots that are visible, we go a step further and track down the source of the corrosion and stop it all so that your rust problem stops once and for all.

our coatings migrate to find corrosion

Our unique Cavity Coating process will apply an always active and migrating coating that seeks out the most affected areas and stop corrosion and rust effectively.
Body Panels, Frame Rails, and Doors can all be protected.

we search every part of your equipment

No matter where the corrosion is on your vehicle or equipment, we will go above and beyond to assure you that any corrosion on your property is stopped in its tracks. Rest easy knowing that your Body Panels, Frame Rails, and Doors are securely protected.

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