Premium Undercoatings

We help you stay ahead of seasonal rust and corrosion with quality undercoatings for your vehicles. Our undercoatings are built to self heal over time and last longer than the competitors.

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our product does not evaporate or dry out

Our Undercoatings are built to last. That's because we use premium lubrication that can be added to all of your vehicles with ease. Suspensions, Springs, Bushings, and Joints require quality lubrication to keep your vehicles running smoothly. Extend your vehicles life today.

we seal out moisture and air for long term results

Stay ahead of the curve with our Non-Drying Barrier that is proven to seal out any unwanted moisture and air that can find its way into your vehicle. We go the extra mile to ensure your lubrication lasts effectively.

lubrication that can stand the test of time

Our lubrication is a special formula that is resistant to the common misfortunes of other, cheaper products. We use premium products that do not wash off easily while also being resistant to drying out or evaporating.

finally solve seasonal rust and corrosion

Our undercoatings are designed to last longer than our competitors and are built for the harsh Canadian winter. There are countless harsh effects winter has on a vehicle, but with the Shield Coatings undercoat, you can rest easy knowing you are protected.

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We Are The Experts

We know Saskatchewan roads can wear our your vehicle fast. That's why we provide premium automotive protection to your vehicles and equipment. When it comes to protecting your vehicles, you can trust Shield Coatings. Get in contact with us today to learn more about our services.