Metal Protection Services

Metal Protection Services

We are the Metal Protection experts. Trust us to provide quality service and offer top quality protection. Unlike our competitors, we perform all protection services without dripping all over your driveway. Read more about how we offer top quality Metal Protection by clicking the button below.

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Extend the Life of your vehicle & Equipment

You spend a fortune on your equipment and vehicles. So give your valuables the protection they deserve with our premium protection services. We coat your equipment in lubricants designed to last, and you can be certain that we pay attention to every detail and get every spot that others miss!

Protect Your Panels with Professional lubrication

We all know that the parts in your equipment can be replaced, but the Body Panels are pieces that need professional service to maintain their integrity. We install lubrication on any moving parts including: Door Hinges, Window Regulators, Latch Assembly, and more.

Clean installation and no holes in your equipment

Some of our competitors have dirty and invasive installation processes that leave lubrication dripping on your driveway and large holes in your vehicles and equipment. We can achieve the same service without spilling anything onto your driveway and absolutely no holes.

stop corrosion from the source before its too late

Your expensive equipment requires quality lubrication to maintain its function effectively. That's why we remove corrosion from the source and eliminate it before it spreads and destroys your equipment and vehicles.

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We Are The Experts

We know Saskatchewan roads can wear our your vehicle fast. That's why we provide premium automotive protection to your vehicles and equipment. When it comes to protecting your vehicles, you can trust Shield Coatings. Get in contact with us today to learn more about our services.